Friday, March 5, 2010


We drove to OCHSA and parked. Then I waited fifteen minutes. After the wait I got on the elevator. We stopped on the fifth floor. There was a long line to the room. I waited in the line. I gave these guys my portfolio and told them my name. They said "Hi Dylan. Go in this room." I went in the room and waited. Eventually this girl came in and told us we would be drawing (not tracing) our own hands. This was easy except that they had a broken fan that would turn on and off randomly. It had these flaps on it and they kept on going up and down. They made a loud slam each time because they were made of metal. Also almost every body's cell phone started ringing. Eventually the girl came back in and said to turn the pictures in. I turned my picture in. Then the girl said to draw a seashell. I drew a seashell and almost finished the detail but the time ran out and I turned it in. Then the girl said we had to draw three objects from the table. There wasn't anything interesting so I took three fake fruits. I finished them and then the girl told me to hand the final picture to Mr.Ow. No, really, the guys name was Mr.Ow. So I handed the pictures to Mr.Ow and got my portfolio. I went down stairs and got picked up by my mom. We drove home and I told my dad what happened. Then we went to In-N-Out to eat. That is what happened on the third of March 2010.


  1. Hi Dylan, When you made your portofolio, did you put in your sketchbook into the portfolio, or was it a separate sketchbook? My daughter is auditioning for visual arts at OCHSA in few weeks. Thanks!

  2. I put all of my drawings and sketches inside of the portfolio. I hope your daughters audition goes well.

  3. Hey dylan
    im not trying out for drawing but commercial voice
    ur really good
    what grade did u apply for and did u get accepted? thanks :-)

  4. Thank you very much. I hope your audition goes well. I applied for 9th grade and I did get accepted. I am really happy at OCHSA.