Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I Learned at Frontier Airlines.

I learned many things at Frontier. Here they are.

1.Frontier's hub is in Denver where it snows a lot.
2.Frontier does not offer refunds.
3.Frontier's free television is six dollars.
4.The restrooms in Denver double as tornado shelter.
5.Frontier will allow you to sleep on rock hard styrofoam in their airport at night instead of buying you a motel room.
6.The customer support at Frontier is really "nice". The guy told my mom to watch her attitude because she was crying.
7.The food at airports is triple the price and a third of the quality.
8.You get frisked if you wear a jacket. Getting frisked is really uncomfortable.
9.Frontier will only give a very small drink. No pretzels or peanuts.
10.Here's the most important one. NEVER FLY FRONTIER AIRLINES!!!


  1. I'm sorry you guys had to go through all of that! We were praying for you! ~Rachel

  2. The guy seriously told your mom to watch her attitude?

  3. Sorry that you had a bad experience..I can guess that you spent the night at the airport due to weather cancellations..and all airlines wont pay for hotel or food vouchers when Mother Nature is the one holding up your flight. As far at the agent..I am sorry he showed no compassion for your family. Denver agents pride themselves on being caring and honest with our passengers. At least I do. I hope that if u decide to fly on us again..could happen..airline prices do dictate who flies on will be a much better experience..and as for the FREE TV..unless you are a Unaccompanied minor on our Airbus or you paid for a Classic or Classic Plus fare..only then do u get FREE TV... Economy tix bought thru other agencies...other web links with discounted fares like Expedia ....dont tell their customers the rules correctly for what they purchase...I see it on a daily basis. Again, sorry your experience was so horrible. DIA AGENT